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Many Bangkok Prep pupils know Mr Dan from his successful ECA on Mondays, his workshops, and do return for more! Few know he's a Lvl3 Forest School Leader: what they enjoy is the freedom to initiate their own learning experiences in the garden, with games and projects that they control and we support. Child initiated play is an incredible educational process. We're here to keep them safe, and assist children to learn on their own, unfold their imagination, take calculated risks, use tools, work together in respect, develop their EQ through practical gardening, explore and discover the world... and care for Nature, from inside our hearts and minds, and in action. We're not a class, and yet we learn so much, let's Grow together! Located in the exciting and comfortable Bangkok Prep Forest Campus, at Bang Kachao, our camps allow for the necessary time to build trust and unfold ourselves, do check videos on our page for previous experiences.

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Grow Learning Garden